About Me

“The thing that is hard and amazing is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

                                                                                      ~ Anna Quindlen 


Hi! I’m Isabelle. Here’s a bit about me:
Things I’m working on:
* Deciding how to use my degrees in Violin Performance and Biology
* Learning something new every day
* Shedding insecurities
* Better understanding this complex world we live in
Things I like: 
* Running in the morning, dancing in the kitchen, and singing at the top of the lungs.
* Waking up to the first snow
* Time with people I love a whole lot
* Skiing. Mountains = magic. And so does the sea
* Exploring new cities
* Foodie? Maybe just food lover
* Talking about the weather. Really, though! The first app I ever downloaded was Weatherbug. Yup
* Coffee + Brunch. And breakfast food forever. But most especially at odd hours of the night
Things I don’t like so much:
* Auctions and auditions
* Practicing after many days of doing the opposite of that
* Running after many days of doing the opposite of that
* Forgetting my keys just as the locked door closes
* Saying goodbye. And missing people with all your heart
* 1/2 my hair behaving & the other 1/2 not
* Running to and through airports

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