Own the Day: 11. Love of Fate


Asked over a late night Skype session

Part 1: Experiencing the worst internet connection

Part 2: It didn’t really matter

Prologue: Asked over a late night walk in Budapest

“I can say that life has been good to me. So I think that my task is to be good to it. So how do you be good to life? You live it.”

~ Morgan Freeman  

To Listen:

A Walk-Through:


I think that work informs pleasure

The way that experiencing pain

Adds value to the absence of it.

Pleasure is proportional

To the work you put in.

I’d like to know

I’ve done the work


To have this day with my future family…


Someday in the future

A weekend

Slightly sunny and windy


 Picnic of simple, homemade sandwiches


Later that night

A movie

So there. You have the outline. Now what are the actions, what are the thoughts?

Shared Spontaneity to the Day

A recollection to childhood

The thrill of everyday adventure

An Act of Kindness received and given

Newfound Joy in Something Taken for Granted

Perfectly Content

Revel in Past



All within 24 Hours.

Is this the definition of happiness then? That you wake up with a smile and you go to sleep with a smile, and that in between, you felt a whole range of emotions?

So we talk about value.

More time or more money.

Time adds value.

But money is valuable too.


So we debate for awhile.

Of course, there is no solution

And without context,

The decision is difficult.

I suppose it has to do with

Internal Feeling.

Which one would provide

The ability to be carefree or spontaneous:

Time or Money?


There are things that have no price, but infinite value.

I think of most of our conversations this way.

There are moments with definite price tags attached.

I hold these moments dear too.

Not for the money, but for the thoughts behind these memories because

Some experiences have a cost.

And some have a cost that is greater than money itself.

Sometimes I feel a debt to pay

You managed to never make me feel this way.

I value this above money or time,




This is the Rex I know


Prone to Romanticism

Sharply Funny

Always Questioning

At Once

Searching and At Peace.


There are, of course, so many ways looking at a Perfect Day.

Where do I begin?

It is important you understand that this is not a last day. It is simply

A Day in the middle of Many Other Days

that can be both hypothetical and true.

Lived in many moments

Over many days.

So you can look back and say

Live your life

I lived mine too.



Hypothetical and true.

Thank you:

Because you asked me first.

Because you continue to ask me today.

Photo 1 (Alex Nguyen), Photo 4 (Lisa Gerstley), Photo 6 (Jennifer Chern)


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