Germantown: Nashville, TN



  1. Barista Parlor

Order: Pour-over Counter Culture coffee

Average Price: $$$

Perks: There’s a lot of hype about Barista Parlor, and I think it’s worth trying one time. You can get the true Nashville Hipster vibe here. Coffee is considered to be an art form here, and the baristas have an extensive knowledge about brewing types, various coffee companies and beans, roasting methods, etc. If you have any question about anything coffee-related, they’ll be sure to know the answer. Barista Parlor also has several locations: The Gulch, and the original one in East Nashville.

Caught My Eye: The very fancy selection of artisanal chocolate bars here. Think Mast Brothers, Ritual, and Map Chocolate Co.  Five Daughters Bakery Cronuts are also offered.

Also Try: The breakfast biscuit


  1. Red Bicycle Crepe

Order: Banana Crepe

Average Price: $$

Perks: I love the breakfast crepes here, and the portions are huge. They’re open for all three meals, and it’s perfect for a later-night desert crepe.

Caught My Eye: The red interior and old bicycle on the wall.

Also Try: Bagel sandwich with egg and cheddar.

  1. Steadfast Coffee

Order: Espresso + Milk

Average Price: $$

Perks: The indoor seating area is one of the nicest in Nashville, I think. It’s open and airy and spacious, with high-back light wood booths and succulents on the tables.

Caught My Eye: Outdoor fireplace, Five Daughter Bakery goods, small plates.

Also Try: Flat White

Steadfast Coffee
Bride boutique in Germantown

Other Favourites:

Germantown Café = for seasonal fare

Monell’s = for the biscuits, for meat + 3

Rolf and Daughters = for the drinks

Butchertown Hall = for the beer

Tempered European Indulgence = for the chocolate and wine pairings

** Check Out **

Nashville Farmer’s Market = year-round

IMG_20160130_181451 (1)
Barista Parlor

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