Belmont University: Nashville, TN


Belmont University

  1. Bongo Java

Order: Bongo Basic

Average Price: $

Perks: Located across the street from Belmont University, Bongo Java has one of the best-priced breakfasts in all of Nashville. $6 for eggs, toast, hash-browns, and a cup of coffee = prime hangover food. They also offer the vegan beet muffin that I love so much at Fido, and they have a wide selection of lunch options.

Caught My Eye: Belmont students sporting guitar cases and song-writing charts. Outdoor patio seating. College vibe, and live music shows at night on the upper floor.

Also Try: Any of the lunch specials.

  1. Proper Bagel

Order: Kale Bagel with Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese or Tomato Jam

Average Price: $$

Perks: Proper Bagel just opened up this past spring, and the owner, hailing from NYC, saw the opportunity to fill a void in the Nashville dining scene, creating NY style bagels and inventive cream cheese flavours, such as honey lavender and roasted vegetable. The business has taken off, and it’s quickly becoming a popular spot for breakfast/brunch with lines extending down the street on the weekends.

Caught My Eye: NY Style Upscale Diner feel. Black and White tile floors. Upward slanting mirrors on the walls and chandeliers.  Coffee in Bell Jars.

Also Try: Poppy Seed Bagel and Garlic/Scallion Cream Cheese


Other Favourites:

PM = for the truffle fries

Martin’s BBQ Joint = for award-winning BBQ

Chago’s Cantina = for the Happy Hour specials




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