Friday Daydreams: Hilton Head, SC

“For whatever we lose, like a you or a me, 

It’s always ourselves that we find by the sea.” 

e. e. cummings 


A Stop at Hilton Head: A short run on the beach quickly revealed why Hilton Head is such a popular vacation spot. There are some absolutely gorgeous homes lining the beach, and the coastline goes forever into the clear blue sky. Jellyfish were washed up to the water-line, scattered across the shore. Having never seen anything like that before, I stopped, alarmed at the first one I saw, my bare feet carefully side-stepping the first one and wary of where to step. But over time I learned to step wide and sprint fast, the translucent bodies of the jellyfish blending into the sand as the tide came up to rescue them back to sea. It was just windy enough to fly a kite, to make a mess of my hair, tossing strands of my ponytail into the air and onto my face, and I swear there is nothing like running on the beach to make you forget what you are running from and where you are running to. There is just the everlasting shoreline and a million worries cast out to the ocean, and suddenly you get this thought that, while hackneyed, still holds true: that maybe this is how a bird feels to fly.


To Keep Dreaming:

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