Own the Day: 7. In Everything

~ Photo Credit: Emily Richards ~


Asked late one night

“Study Bach. In that you will find everything.”

~ Johannes Brahms


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A Walk-Through: Cello Biennale

“I can’t think of a generic perfect day now,

But I can remember one that I had in Amsterdam.

Does that work?”

“Yes, that’s good. Go on.”

It was during the cello festival.

A week of the best music and the best cellists.

We’d wake up early.


And walk the canals.

Breakfast would be chocolate croissants and orange juice.

Then at the conservatory,

Bach and Breakfast.

One cellist would play a Bach Suite.

Each day.

A different cellist and a different Suite.

Johannes Moser, Luka Šulić, Stjepan Hauser, Tatjana Vassiljeva.

Lunch would be whatever we were in the mood for.


We’d go back to the conservatory for a chamber concert.

An afternoon of music.

Songbook, Prayer and Dance.


And then.


A bigger evening concert.

Orkest, Orchestra, Finale.

The evening would spill into a bar later at night.

All the cellists and musicians would

Meet, Drink, Talk.

For hours.

We’d walk back.

Late at night.

And then.

I’d do it all over again the next day.

And the next.

Ma Non Troppo.


“I don’t know. That’s all I can think of.

Does that answer your question?”

  “Yes, yes it does.

It answers all of them.”



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