Dialogue of Heart and Clock


If my days were like the ants, 

I might carry away this mountain; 

therefore, you must be precious to me, 


let them stamp and step upon you as they can, 

I shall escape with a few grains. 


How pleasant the 

silence of a holiday 

to those who listen 

to the long dialogue of heart and clock. 

~ Charles Reznikoff, from “Heart & Clock” 


A favourite read of mine this week. The idea of time passing, and grains of time. I’m trying something new this month, where I write down exactly how I’m feeling after something unexpectedly wonderful happens, or similarly, when a wave of sudden nostalgia hits, or quiet sadness creeps into my mind. I know that this emotion might be fleeting or enduring, but I sometimes cannot tell how long it will last for, and so I wanted to put it into writing. Especially the joyful moments, because I’d like to be able to go back and remember – put myself back in that memory for awhile, when I need it most. Maybe you’ll do the same this week? Form your own dialogue of heart and clock? If anything, I hope you make at least one beautiful memory this week. Happy Monday!



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