Thursday: Link Love

“Prose: words in the best order. Poetry: the best words in the best order.”

~ Samuel Coleridge

Read:  at a Starbucks overlooking Centennial Park, on a sunny afternoon. From an article for my poetry class.

Chicago Art Institute

A Few Things Discovered This Week:

  1. How fun would it be to do this? What city would you pick?
  2. A beautiful reminder for the New Year.
  3. I wonder what the life of a food critic must be like.
  4. The importance of eating clean.
  5. Did you ever dream up scenarios like this growing up? I think that sometimes I still do.
  6. Wanted to make these for breakfast this morning. Ended up making these instead with some modifications. College dorm room life.
  7. Oh, how I want to go to this beautiful workshop.
  8. I love this list and especially no. 42.
  9. What a fun mug.
  10. One of my favourite books growing up.

Happy (almost) Friday!


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