Friday Daydreams: A Few Favourites, 2015 – Part III


For this Friday’s Daydreams post, I decided to feature a few blogs that I’ve loved this past year. It’s a dangerous thing to discover these websites – I’ve spent awhile, longer than often I should have, reading all the posts and dreaming. They provide a welcome break in my busy day, and I enjoy them so much. I hope you do to.


  • Eat This Poem – spending many a lazy Sunday morning reading the Literary City Guides and beautifully written posts, dreaming about new places to explore.
  • Curiously Caffeinated – musings from a wonderful person, and perhaps I may be biased, as she is a dear friend and roommate of mine, but read this blog. It’s full of interesting finds, solid and perceptive writing, and great musical offerings- perfect for an afternoon read-and-discover-something-beautiful break.
  • My Name Is Yeh – one of my absolute favourites with witty writing, inventive and travel-inspired recipes, and cakes to die for.
  • Hungry Runner Girl – inspiring and so sweet, a brief glimpse into her day with her adorable three-year old and a whole lot of running, always encourages me to get up in the morning and run.
  • Love and Lemons – offering a glimpse into Austin, TX (did someone say tacos?); the recipes are always fresh and easy and lovely to look at. Not that I cook any of them. So really, only the latter applies.

image (57)


  • I am a Food Blog – this Vancouver, B.C. – based one is replete with fun, sometimes fanciful, and always creative recipes, travels to Tokyo and Iceland and beyond, and some pretty darn adorable marshmallows.
  • A Cup of Jo – oh, how I love this one. Refer to No. 1 and lazy Sunday mornings. The posts never fail to be insightful, humorous, and introspective; they cover everything from relationships, to parenting around the world, to career advice, and interesting articles.
  • Katie Parla Food – I looked to this website often for the city guides when I was abroad. Although we didn’t stop of most of the restaurants listed (because $$$, and we had none of the $$$), it was fun to read about them, and sometimes, we would happen upon one of them and the “oh, I read about that place!” moment warranted lots of pictures and a great deal of excitement.
  • What Should I Have For Breakfast Today – Berlin-based, with travels to Sydney, San Francisco, Lisbon, and Barcelona; this one let me get lost in the vibrant and colourful photography of lovely restaurants and cafés around the world.
image (36)
Meyer’s Bakery – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • The Coffee Code – for all things coffee, an honest take on coffee shops both in the states (with a concentration in Nashville and Boston) and around the world. This blog will also provide everything you could want to know about various brewing systems and the best kind of bean for your buck.



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