Let Us Wander Where We Will

Swallows travel to and fro,

And the great winds come and go,

And the steady breezes blow,

Bearing perfume, bearing love.

Breezes hasten, swallows fly,

Towered clouds forever ply,

And at noonday, you and I

See the same sunshine above.

Dew and rain fall everywhere,

Harvests ripen, flowers are fair,

And the whole round earth is bare

To the moonshine and the sun;

And the live air, fanned with wings,

Bright with breeze and sunshine, brings

Into contact distant things,

And makes all the countries one.

Let us wander where we will,

Something kindred greets us still;

Something seen on vale or hill

Falls familiar on the heart;

So, at scent or sound or sight,

Severed souls by day and night

Tremble with the same delight –

Tremble, half the world apart.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson



Sometimes, there’s a poem that you happen on, and you read it once, and then you read it again, and all of a sudden – you know that it will be one of your favourite poems for years to come. That’s how I felt about this one, found on the back of a wonderful Chocolove Dark Chocolate Coffee Crunch bar. It was a gift from my mom, slipped into my suitcase, and with the first bite, a flood of memories of home came back. The smell of coffee in the morning, the way that the pink and golden daybreak light hit the kitchen counter and then flooded across the breakfast table, the sight of bright white snow on the ground outside, and those glorious mountains in the far distance, casting a hazy purple promise.

Because while it is good to be back with my dearest friends, to catch up with everyone, to get into a routine again, there’s nothing that can rid my heart of the sharp ache of missing my childhood home. Home now has become several places for me, and this is a rather lucky thing, I think. To have left the heart in many places and with certain people that have touched your life in some way – this isn’t a bad thing. There are kindred spirits to be found in unexpected places and times. I have to remind myself of this, that “home” can be a person just as much as a place.


I have been talking about soulmates with a good friend, and I love hearing about his opinion on it. He’s always wondering and questioning about various things, and we both haven’t truly decided on whether or not there is one soulmate for every person, I think we agree that a person can find a kindred spirit in many aspects of life – in that person’s particular passions or interests or beliefs.  And I think that’s why I love this poem so much. That we can recognize aspects of ourselves (or of the ones we love) in other people; in this, we realize how similar we are, how we yearn for some of the same things – love and companionship and safety. Words that I associate with “home.” Perhaps we are all searching for a person or a place to call home. I think I am too. And sometimes, I tend to forget that I have love and safety and friendship in my life right now, and how fortunate I am to have these things. They may not be in the form that I am looking for, and perhaps that is the lesson: to recognize and appreciate them for what they are to me right now. Life is good. And for that, I’m so grateful.

Someday, I hope that I can find a person to call home, someone to “see the same sunshine above.” Maybe it will be love at first remembrance. He might fall familiar on my heart, and maybe then, I’ll believe that it’s right.

I know that there are so many people in this world that have no place to call home, and perhaps they have lost a person that is home to them – and for them, my heart aches. I’d like to do something to help – I’ll do some research on that this week. A goal for next Monday’s post. For this week, I hope you all can find a feeling of home, wherever you are and whomever you’re with. Love, companionship, and safety.

Coming home

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