Own the Day: 1. Blue Skies



Asked over blueberry pancakes and coffee on a Saturday afternoon

“Time past and time future

What might have been and what has been

Point to one end, which is always present.”

~ T. S. Eliot (1888-1965)

 Excerpt from Burnt Norton, No. 1, ‘The Four Quartets’


To listen:

Norah Jones


A Walk-Through: Blue Skies

“I’d like to wake up refreshed and have breakfast all laid out, ready to eat.

Pancakes and bacon, eggs, fruit, and coffee.

There’d be Norah Jones on the radio, Jack Johnson…

Then I’d be outside, I think, in a hammock for a couple of hours, with a book in hand.

 Frisbee and soccer with friends, or flag football. Something active.

In the late afternoon, maybe we’d go and eat out.

I’d want to be with my closest friends all day long, with no worries in mind.

Just talking about life.

The evening would start, and we would be at someone’s house.

Drinking something wonderful.

Playing a few games and talking.

And when I fall asleep,

Euphoric in my mind,

 A thank you in the heart.”

~ Photo courtesy of Carson Nunnally ~ 

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