Mornings, Evenings, Afternoons: A Few Denver Coffee Shops

“I have measured out my life in coffee spoons.” ~ T.S. Eliot 

Pablo’s Coffee Roasters – Denver, CO

A non-comprehensive guide to some favourite coffee shops around Denver, CO:

  1. Amethyst Coffee – Downtown Denver 

Ordered: Iced Latte

Perks: This 5280-ranked coffee shop offers various types of coffee beans and allows you to “choose your bean,” ensuring that each cup is made fresh. It’s a beautiful little shop, with bright windows to let the light in. The place mirrors the coffee – clean, sleek, and spacious and accented with colourful notes. It’s easy to see why it won Editor’s Choice; I give it full kudos and recommend it highly.

Average Price: $3.50 = latte

Caught My Eye: The sweet and tasteful decorations. The off-white oak and pure-white walls. The dried flowers on the countertop and the pretty purple vase on the counter. A mix of clientele and a very-tattooed couple – she in overalls, he in a fedora, both rocking nose rings.

Also, the nearby Denver Art Museum is a short walk from the coffee shop and offers a glimpse of downtown Denver.

Also Try: The Chai latte and various teas.

Art museum (2)
Denver Art Museum – Inside the Gift Shop
  1. Crema – Downtown Denver

Ordered: Regular Latte and Mocha to go. Slice of Almond Cake.

Perks: The dark oak décor and quirky accents provide a fun space to study or meet up with a friend. The wrap-around seating area is cozy and contained; light streams through two tall windows that highlight the corner location of the coffee shop. The latte was wonderful – strong and full-bodied, without the bitterness. Though I’d rank the mocha on a scale of tad-too-sweet, the almond cake was the perfect combination of nutty and airy and sweet enough to balance the lightness of the layered cake. Crema also offers a fairly extensive menu with breakfast and lunch options. Just be prepared to wait a bit for the food!

Average Price: $4.00 = regular latte

Caught My Eye: Hipster art on all the walls. Colourful murals, and wooden accents. The turquoise chandeliers and chalkboard signs. Business men and women in strict business-wear.


Also Try: The Sweet Potato Waffle. The almond cake.

  1. Kaladi Coffee Roasters – nearby Denver University 

Ordered: Always the Kaladi Latte.

Perks: This friendly coffee shop, just a short walk from the Denver University Campus, is filled with students, poring over books, writing, studying, young couples holding hands over the table, sharing a slice of cake and dreaming over two lattes, and professors with papers in hand, newspapers tucked into bags, at ease or lost in thought or hard at work. The place is always crowded and the tiniest bit cramped, enough to feel like you can eavesdrop with no qualms. And nowhere else can you order the Kaladi latte, which, in my opinion, is the best latte in Colorado.

Average Price: $3.25 = Kaladi Latte

Caught My Eye: The wide selection of sourced coffees from around the world. The artwork on the walls. Yellow-wood booths and tables marked with years of writers.

Also try: Regular latte. Chai latte.

Laughing Goat
The Laughing Goat Cafe on the University of CO at Boulder campus, where Kaladi coffee is also brewed

4. Pablo’s Coffee – Denver

Ordered: Large latte and hot chocolate. The Hot chocolate is recommended many times over.

Perks: Sometimes we will splurge and buy a pound of coffee beans from this coffee shop because, out of all the coffee beans we have tried, Pablo’s never fails to disappoint. It is, simply put, a good, solid cup of coffee. I tend to stay away from words like, “strong, full-bodied, complex notes,” because one: I am no coffee connoisseur, and two: I’ve never really understood how a modest cup of coffee can be all of those things. But, of all the adjectives that could be assigned to coffee, Pablo’s stands the test of time in being, yes, I will say it: strong, full-bodied, and just plain good. Buy a bag of beans and brew the coffee at home. Enjoy it in the early morning light, while getting breakfast ready, and see for yourself the simplicity, the unpretentious cup of coffee that is Pablo’s.

IMG_20150627_100854 Nadine

Average Price: $4.00 = medium latte

Caught My Eye: their slogan, Danger Monkey. Fedoras. On every man. I think it must be a requirement for the men coming to this coffee shop – “must don fedora” might as well be a sign outside of the door. Old mustard-yellow felt armchairs and a mix-match-hodge-podge of decorations that make the place akin to a favourite uncle whose story at Thanksgiving you’re never sure whether to laugh at or wonder at its oddities. The greatest postcards with spots of Denver framed in the letters.

IMG_20150829_230152 IMG_20150818_113619960


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