Now the Fall is Here Again

“I want enough time to be in love with everything.” ~ Marina Keegan 

WP_002768 WP_002842

Misty morning, beautiful white-gray skies. The leaves outside starting to change colours, some already littering the ground with golds and reds. Trees all around turning into sprays of brilliant foliage against a nostalgic dark green backdrop. There’s a fog in the air, a chill in the wind – it bites the nose faintly, steals the breath from the lungs ever so slightly, and yes: today, you’ll need a jacket. And maybe some boots.


A long walk to pick up oatmeal to-go and the perfect cup of coffee. Down the street to the park, books in hand, to breathe in fall and have some breakfast. Then to the music building to play Bach and Brahms in a practice room, three whole wonderful hours just for myself, to think and work and think some more. Where playing Bach quickly becomes its own world – enveloped in delicious calm – with the poignant gray sky and olive green trees from outside the window imparting colour to the room.


Friends who made me laugh all day. And this melody in my head. A wonderful roommate who dropped her work to help me take a picture for a project, and a run this morning in the cool breezy autumn air.

Thank you, thank you for today.


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