No. 4 Such Wonderful Cake: Budapest

“Cake for later, cake as a way of life.” ~ Laini Taylor
 Snapshot No. 4 Cake for Days 
   The tiniest little café with barely enough space to walk in and order. Olive-green tables and velvet red-backed chairs competing for room, with people crowded into every nook and cranny, perched at the end of seats, eating delicate slices of cake with petite silver forks and sipping the foam off of lattes in teacups, the contents threatening to spill over into the saucer below. At the front, an innocuous glass case lined with prepared slices of cake, little signs in front of each row gently suggesting the prices and the names to the customers in line.
    Names that were unpronounceable for us, our tongues unsure of the unfamiliar letters, the excess of consonants, the lack of vowels, the inability to speak a “t-z-d-r” all at once. And so we pointed and we smiled and received our cake packaged all haphazardly together in a white box, the layered slices of cake crowded together, separated only by thin, sparkly cellophane sheets; dense, rich, darkest of chocolate cakes, melting feathery-light espresso cream, and the sweetest, syrupy raspberry jam. We took our slices of cake and sat on the sidewalk and ate it right there and then, chasing crumbs and drops of mousse, and it was a messy, wonderful start of an addicting love affair with the cake in Budapest.
 Budavar Ruszwurm: 1014 Budapest, Szentharomsag U.7, Budapest 1014, Hungary

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