No. 1 Gellert Hill: Budapest

   “Life is quite mysterious and quite miraculous. There’s an urge in us to stop the terrible fleetingness of time. Music. Paintings. The night we blew the candles out on a birthday with the kids. Capture it, please.”  ~ Paul McCartney
Snapshot 1. A Climb to the Top 
  On our second night, we climbed up to the top of Gellert Hill to watch the sunset. Up so many switchbacks, past all the couples walking up hand-in-hand, steep flight of stairs, and finally, arriving out-of-breath at the top of the hill, the Liberty statue triumphant and majestic in front of us. And it was magical. As the sun went down, the lights of the city came to life, illuminating churches, palaces, and notable buildings, strings of lights along the bridges gradually becoming brighter and brighter, appearing like a fairy-tale pathway linking Buda and Pest below. The city spread beneath us with a lilac tint; there was a vintage feeling to the city – old, wrinkled in time, but still beautiful. Enough to breathe slow and deep, feeling as if you had all the time in the world to hear the stories that this city has to tell.

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