No. 8 Better Than the Kronut: Prague

“I’m not a vegetarian! I’m a dessertarian!”
~  Bill Watterson
 Snapshot 8. That Much Sweeter 
Called: Trdelník
Pronounced: No idea
Comes with: cinnamon sugar, pecan, almond, chocolate, or plum jam
Costs: roughly 50 czk
   Imagine if a donut with a caramelized sugar coating and a funnel cake had a baby. It’s not quite a kronut, and it’s not quite a cake.  It’s slightly crispy, doughy, coated in crunchy caramelized sugar, a little nutty, and very much a mess to eat. Take my word for it: it’s lovely. I ate it on the way back up to the castle, and oh – it was such a mess, but it was wonderful. Jam and sugar and crumbs everywhere.

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