A Day of Exploring

To whom it may concern: It is springtime. It is late afternoon.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Today: Wandering with a friend around the Norrebro neighborhood. Some sunshine and a lot of spring in the air. A bit of disregard to the work I have yet to do. A bookshop, a coffee-shop, and a bakery or two. So many hipster stores. With non-hipster prices. And the best coffee I’ve ever had. A few Michelin star restaurants on a very unassuming street. The most beautiful cemetery and the grave of Soren Kierkagaard.

 Down another street, past bikes parked outsides of cafes, crossing over the bridge by the lakes, and then to the Glass Market for a quick look at pastries and fancy cheese and expensive jars of wonderful jams and honey. For a free hand scrub at the natural health stall. For trying all the chocolates at Summerbird, as many as we can get away with and not have to buy anything. And finally to the Living Room for a mango something and window-watching while working.
 Ok. Maybe, maybe I will miss Copenhagen just a little bit.

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