To My Mom

“Happy moments and lonely moments and some ‘duh’ moments and lovely moments – cherish them all ok?” ~ letter from home, Jan. 17, 2015 
 I am trying very hard not to spend very much money in grocery stores this week. Mostly because:
 1) I have run out of my grocery stipend money that I received at the beginning of the semester (this was because I used it for dumb things like this blanket that I don’t need, a vest for when it got warmer*, and yes , I know what you’re thinking – how on earth did you buy all of these things at a grocery store?! But it’s because the grocery store Føtex here in Denmark is the equivalent of Target in the US, and so I get side-tracked very easily and manage to stray from my list of essential things only very quickly).
2) I am too lazy to cook. This is a bad reason, but it’s true. When I have people to cook for, then I’m motivated to make good food, but if it’s just me, I want it to be simple and fast and preferably not using the stove or really any dishes except for one pot.
3) I still have pasta, half a bag of oatmeal, and some cous cous left-over from when I went grocery shopping at the start of the semester, when I thought that I would do things like cook for myself. So now I’m trying to decide how best to combine any of the three ingredients with:
a. A bottle of soy sauce
b. Some orange juice
c. Half a lemon
d. Garlic salt and pepper
e. Some olive oil
f. An apple
g. Arugula
So may I present to you the latest installment on Dinners for Lazy People (who are also trying to use up things in the pantry):
The Simplest, Easiest, Cheapest Pasta
What you’ll need:
Some pasta
Olive Oil
Garlic Salt
Arugula (if you have it lol)
What you’ll do:
Make pasta
Mix with remaining ingredients to taste
Total time = however long it takes the pasta to boil and for you to drain it. Ugh. Some cook I am. I swear I’ll get better soon.
    On another note, I have found that the above recipe is actually very closely related to a traditional Italian pasta dish, so essentially, the dish I made was practically gourmet. I’m just living the Italian lifestyle, that’s all.
     But all of this has made me so very thankful for my own mother. Not only is she one of the best cooks I know, she manages to make healthy, delicious, filling, and diverse meals in record time. And she does all of this, as she handles most things in life, with love and strength and grace. She challenges herself– she is always looking to make something different, to try something new. And more often than not, she succeeds **, and the results are, simply put: amazing.
    In short, she is pretty much everything that I am not, and someday, I hope that I can be just like her. It’ll take a lot, but maybe having her genes gives me a head start? So here is a very Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful momma. Thank you for long conversations on Saturdays, for coffee dates at Kaladi Brothers, for driving me everywhere, all the time, at any hour of the day, for making the best food in the world, for listening to me rant about everything and nothing, for letting me call you at 2am for no reason really, for loving me despite it all, for writing me letters that make me laugh and cry, sometimes even within the same sentence, for being you. I love you. A lot.
*Psych. It has not gotten very much warmer at all. In fact, it’s been raining and cold outside #alwayswinter #neverChristmas. Wasn’t spring supposed to have arrived awhile ago?)
**The tuna casserole incident of Sophomore year in high-school #neverforget.

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