Light, Sun, Prophecy, Poetry: Athens, Greece, Part 2

 “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” ~ Socrates 
– Photo Cred. Raeven JK –
Tips for Athens:
1. The metro is efficient, clean, and conveniently located, but can get very, very, very crowded and stressful fast. Keep an eye on your bags as pick-pockets work fast in the crowded space.
2. The Museum of the Acropolis is fairly large and overwhelming, but such a beautiful museum. I would go to the museum first, and then to the Acropolis. Sunset on the Acropolis is one of the most stunning sights I have ever seen. It’s breath-taking. Go at around 6:30, and then just stay until they kick you out. 🙂
 3. The Monastiriki Market has touristy stores near the Square and the flea markets are more hidden inside. I loved the antique stalls with the old books and postcards and maps. And if you walk a bit further into the market, around the back end of the Agora, there are many, many hand-made jewelry and craft stalls that tend to sell their things at a lower price than right by the entrance of the Agora.
4. If possible, ask a local (we asked someone who was working at a convenience stall on the street we were walking on) where to eat. Usually, they know of a good hidden restaurant near-by with reasonable prices.
5. Explore the Agora in the morning. It’s nice and cool, and there aren’t as many people inside. And the fields of yellow flowers with the morning light will break your heart, it’ll be so beautiful.
 6. The frozen yogurt in Greece is SO GOOD. It’s worth the splurge. We went to a crepe place by the Monastiriki Square that also sold Greek Yogurt, and it was so lovely.
7. Greek coffee is strong. But it’s not as good as Turkish coffee (in my opinion). They have the same natural, dark, earthy taste (that grows on you, I promise), but Turkish coffee tastes fresher and less sweet, in my opinion. If you get either kind of coffee, it comes in a small espresso cup, and you have to sip it slowly, slowly, and not drink it like a shot.*
*Which is what I did.

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