No. 6 And More About Food: Florence, Italy

“There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.” ~ Kevin James
 Snapshot No. 6 One of Each Please
   What a foodie haven the San Lorenzo Food Market was – so many beautiful stalls filled with everything the heart could want. Chocolate cannolis, cappuccinos, rows of cakes and pastries, fresh pizza, sandwiches, pasta with truffle oil and marinara and scampi and béchamel. Breaded and fried fish, olive oil with rosemary and basil and thyme, fresh hot bread, sharp parmesan cheese.  And of course, the pizza, which came on a round pizza stone, straight from the oven, steaming hot. Marinara sauce on fresh pizza dough, a basil leaf in the center, and a few garlic cloves sprinkled around the edges of the blackened crust. We all ate it in approximately 5 minutes, and then nibbled at the blackened crusts and started reminiscing about that pizza.
    Afterwards, we deliberated over cannoli or millefoglie, a pretty, dainty cake, made up of layers of cream and pastry dough, and a delicate white and dark chocolate top. I went for the cake. 1 Euro for a palm-sized piece, and we went and sat on the steps outside the food market, burning our tongues on the hot coffee and trying our hardest not to get crumbs everywhere, but realizing that it was futile. Good pastry, I suppose, is meant to be messy, to spill pastry cream when the first bite is taken, out of both sides, to shower the person and the surrounding area with little flakes of pastry dough, to stick to the napkin, to the fingers, to the coffee cup, lacing everything with a thin layer of sparkling, sticky, crystallizing quickly, sugar.

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