No. 4 Boboli Gardens: Florence, Italy

“The soul cannot thrive in the absence of a garden.” ~ Thomas Moore 
 No. 4 Considering the Oranges in the Boboli Gardens
  This is the story of how we couldn’t find the exit in the gardens, how we panicked a little bit, how we forgot to eat lunch and quickly realized that a few hours into the garden walk, how we considered eating the oranges in the Boboli Gardens, and how we attempted to argue for student prices at the ticket window with the ticket lady who was not having it. While in the Boboli Gardens trying to find the exit, we figured that this is probably where couples went on dates back then. We thought that trying to find the exit together probably made a lot of couples closer. We also discussed:  1) If the gardens were more romantic than a movie theater 2) That it would be the worst if you didn’t like your date 3) It would probably be a little frightening if you couldn’t find the exit and you hated your date 4) It would be great if you loved your date and never wanted it to end, because 5) Where on earth was the exit?
   The gardens were absolutely beautiful though, replete with stunning views and statues and peaceful trickling fountains. Hidden stone walls, with ivy crawling down and meeting the yellow walls of the meeting rooms and houses, tucked away on quiet winding pathways. “Well, I’m hungry,” announced my friend. “I’m starving. I might collapse soon.” We all agreed. We’d forgotten to eat lunch, which is probably one of the most important meals of the day when traveling. Especially if you forgot to eat breakfast because you were so stressed getting to the train station that morning. So we walked and walked in search of the exit, passing an orange tree growing against the side of a building. “Do you think they’re safe to eat?” asked my friend. We all considered. We would have to jump quite a ways to reach the oranges, and of course, there was always the possibility that we would accidentally knock it over or something. The tree was not that big. “I’m not sure I even have the energy to jump,” I sighed.
     Oh where oh where is this exit? So we kept walking, and en route to what we figured was the exit, we spied the dress museum, with elaborate gowns and dresses from various centuries, and of course, yes, we have to go in. Get our money’s worth and all that since apparently one has to be an Art, Art History, Archeology, or Urban Studies major to get a student discount. And also one has to have proof of enrollment in that major. So we wandered from room to room, and pointed out what we would wear and what we wouldn’t, what we couldn’t believe once wore, and had our Say Yes to the Dress moment with the cases of bridal gowns, and finally, emerged once more, blinking in the bright sunlight. We sat for awhile on the low stone wall right outside the museum and pulled out the map. Piazza di San Spirito. How do we get there, where do we start, where are we right now? And most importantly, gelato or pizza and pasta first?
   So what did we stop for first? Yeah, you guessed it. Gelato. 🙂

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