Skies of Blue and Seas of Green

“maggie and milly and molly and may / went down to the beach(to play one day)”
 – Brunch at Cafe Stella, Nyhavn, and of course, flowers! –
    My friend Alyze came to visit! She’s studying in Vienna this semester, and so she came for the weekend. We ate all the food and saw all the castles and walked in all the gardens, and by Sunday, I had pretty much run out of things to show her. We went to the Conservatory, Rosenborg Palace, Christiansborg palace, Nyhavn, the Botanical Gardens, and the glass market, and then we stood at Norreport Station for a bit while I tried to think of more things to show her. We pretty much decided that we had done enough sight-seeing and went to eat cake at the Glass Market.
“and maggie discovered a shell that sang / so sweetly she couldn’t remember her troubles, and”
   On Saturday, my biology for Marine Mammals class had a field study to Odense, to see the harbor porpoises at the aquarium there. Alyze was able to join us, and the aquarium was so much fun! It was very interactive – lots of tide-pool tanks where visitors could pick up crabs and star-fish, and we were able to see the harbor porpoise training sessions.
 – At the Aquarium! –
“milly befriended a stranded star / whose rays five languid fingers were;”
    Afterwards, we went for a short hike along the coast-line, and it was one of the most beautiful coast-lines I’ve ever seen. All of the colours – the light, sandy green, dark marine-blue of the ocean, and the white-gray sky against the shoreline were so poignant. I wanted to paint a room in those colours.
 – A picture with Tori! –
  “and molly was chased by a horrible thing / which raced sideways while blowing bubbles: and”
   On the bus ride there, we sang (really just mumbled along while our adorable Biology professor sang it at full volume. She’s so funny and so cute. We all love her to death. She gets all flustered sometimes, and blinks her eyes really rapidly, and says, “Isn’t it? And is logic, no?” Right now, she’s in the States taking a train all the way from Chicago to San Francisco – which seems like a lot. We were all asking her why she didn’t just fly from the East Coast to the West Coast, but she didn’t seem to know how long it was going to take. “Is not that long, no?” she asked us all before she went. “Only a short train ride?” We all just looked at each other and reassured her that she would get to see a lot of the America on the train. Just last week, we got an email from her that said, “I LOVE YOUR COUNTRY. It is so beautiful, and I am having the best time.” So we take it that the train isn’t so bad after all.) a traditional birthday song for two of the people in our class who had their birthdays that day.
We all had to choose an instrument to mimic during the “Instrumental Interludes” in between verses, and oh, it was such a mess in the best way possible. The song was in all Danish, so none of us had any idea how to pronounce any of the words at all, and our Biology professor took off at lightning speed, belting the song out and looking all around waiting for our instrument sounds. We had no idea when we were supposed to do that, so we basically just sang and pretended to play our instruments at any old time. It was so funny – here’s our professor yelling out the song, and some of us are trying to follow along and sing, and from the back of the bus, someone was yelling, “Trumpet! Trumpet!”, and another person was whistling. It was chaos, but so fun. Our poor bus driver.
 “may came home with a smooth round stone / as small as a world and as large as alone.”
   A Weekend Guide to Copenhagen:
Friday afternoon:
~ Black Diamond Library and Nyhavn (take the Canal bus)
Dinner = Copenhagen Street Food (live music and great food!)
After-dinner = Mikkeller (micro-brewery by Kobenhavn H – the central train station)
Day Trip to Odense, Aarhus, or Malmo, Sweden*
*Buy a ticket at the Kobenhavn H (central train station). The Ticket Price should be roughly $24 dollars, round-trip, and $12 for students.
Odense = approximately 2.5 hours away
  • Birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen
  • Café Cuckoo’s Nest = for breakfast or lunch
  • Aquarium, try to catch the Harbor Porpoise show
  • Beautiful coast-line!
  • Hans Christian Andersen garden, known by most as the Fairy-Tale Garden


Aarhus = approximately 3.5 hours away
  • Great art museum with a Rainbow Room (of glass)
  • Fun city to walk around in
  • Disclaimer = I actually haven’t been here, but a couple friends have, and they loved it!


Malmo = approximately 45 minutes away
  • National Museum (free for students!)
  • St. Peter’s Church
  • Public Library
  • Cafe Knus for brunch


Brunch at Café Stella = all-you-can-eat brunch for 69 Kroner (roughly $11).
Coffee at Paludan Boger = the best latte for 20 Kroner
Sankt Peders Bakery = for the best blueberry muffin
Taffelsbay = for the best chocolate chip scone
~ Christiansborg Palace = go all the way to the top of the tower for the view! (Free)
1) National Museum (free for students!) = check out the temporary exhibit as well
2) Museum for Kunst (also free for students!) = beautiful Danish Golden Age art, and a new modern wing
3) Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (free admission on Sundays) = my favourite of the museums, beautiful building and lots of Classical and Roman statues, also holds some Danish and French Art, and one of the statues of Degas’ Little Dancer.
Lunch/early Dinner = Glass Market by Norreport Station
  • Coffee Collective for the best cup of coffee (arguably) in Copenhagen
  • Granny’s House for cake and pastries
  • Fish n’ Chips for its namesake
  • Paleo for a fantastic lox wrap


Other restaurants to try:​
  • Bronx Burger = order the sweet potato fries and pretty much any of the burgers
  • Scurry Hub = by Norreport Station, for good, authentic, and fairly inexpensive Thai Food
  • Bagel Me = on Vestergade, for a cheaper and very filling Bagel Sandwich. Try the Tandoori Chicken or anything with Pesto
  • Rita’s Smorrebrod = by Norrebro, for the traditional Danish open-faced Sandwich
  • Next Door Café = for coffee and cake


~ Botanical Gardens = with a wonderful greenhouse that has the fairy-tale stairs
~ Rosenborg Palace = roughly 60 Kroners (student-price) to go inside (but worth it if you have the afternoon free!)
~ Frederiksberg Castle and the surrounding gardens = the gardens are perfect for a run or a picnic in the spring
  “For whatever we lose(like a you or a me) / it’s always ourselves we find in the sea”
~ e. e. cummings
 {Dinners for Lazy People}*
On this latest installment of the Lazy Series (the roughly once a month posts about dinner, because that’s about how often I actually make it), I am excited to share:
5-Min. Quesadillas + 3-Sec. Guacamole
What You’ll Need:
Whole-wheat tortillas
Shredded cheese of choice
Red or Orange Pepper (1)
Avocados (2)
Fresh Tomatoes (2 small ones)
Garlic Salt
Olive oil
In a medium frying pan, heat up a tortilla. Sprinkle with cheese and let melt. Toss peppers, arugula, and any other veggies onto tortilla (but just on one side). Fold tortilla over and press with spatula.
Dice the avocado and tomato, mash together. Throw a little garlic salt, olive oil, and salsa in (to taste).
There you have it. The easiest dinner ever.** It took us as long to make it as it did to eat it, so I consider that a success in itself.
*aka me **Note to future self: purchase a crock-pot

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