Gelato x 100: Milan, Italy

 “If your arteries are good, eat more ice cream. If they are bad, drink more red wine. Proceed thusly.”
~ Sandra Byrd
 – Milan Cathedral, and friends for travel, for late-night wine conversations, for exploring, for discovering, for sharing memories – thank you for the fun times!
Our Itinerary for most of Italy:
1) Gelato
2) Eat Gelato again
3) Pizza
4) Maybe we’ll do some sight-seeing, a museum, etc.
5) Pasta
7) Gelato again
Afternoon and evening in Milan:
What we did:
  • Walked and walked, ate gelato, and then walked some more
  • Got SUPER LOST trying to find our airbnb (No. 1)
  • Tried to go to Saturday night mass in the cathedral
  • Went to into many shops: Disney, H&M, Pull & Bear (my favourite!), Mango, Zara. They don’t call it a fashion capital for nothing. We didn’t dare go into some of the fancier stores, though. We just window-shopped and dreamed. 🙂
  • Tried to find the tourist information office, but gave up and just walked around


What we saw:
  • So many dogs, in the restaurants, on the streets, in the cafes, running all around the tiny little parks
  • A very cute waiter at dinner (No. 2)
  • The Milan Cathedral, glowing pink and white and yellow in the evening sun
  • Some very expensive cars: Lamborghini, Ferrari, just to name a couple
  • Some very expensive clothing and the craziest, classiest heels (Italian leather heels. Swoon.)
  • Some very expensive leather jackets on some very fine Italian men, sunglasses and motorcycles and classy, classy shoes.


What we ate:
  • Lasagna, fried Polenta, and Il Vecchio (a traditional Italian pepper dish), and, of course, wine, served in little white bowls.
  • Gelato x 100 (Pistachio, coffee, amarena, Nutella, Fior di Latte – were some of our favourite flavours). Specifically, gelato at Tres Gazelles, by H&M on the main shopping street.
  • Checkered cookies at a sidewalk café (No. 3)
  • Cappuccinos at the train station
 – The cute little kitchen from the apartment where we stayed –
(No.1) Our Adventure trying to find our Airbnb
   We got SUPER lost trying to find our airbnb. I think we must have walked in every direction possible from the metro station. We asked directions from almost every person we encountered, and nobody really knew. Finally we asked a taxi driver, which on second thought was what we should have done first, but even his directions were very confusing. “Si, si. Just under the highway. Not the first bridge. Duo, you know?” he said to us in half-English, half-Italian, holding up two fingers, cigarette dangling precariously on his lips. “Um. Ok,” I answered. “So we go under a bridge and then the street will be there?” I asked again. “Si si. You find it,” he reassured us. So we hauled our bags back to the station, and pointed ourselves towards the “bridge,” which was really just an underground tunnel of sorts, and attempted to read the street name through the colourful graffiti that seemed to be on every important sign, and lo and behold, the taxi driver was right. But I would never ever have known to go under the bridge based on the directions that Google Maps gave me. Google maps has proven to be very untrustworthy most of this semester.*
*Brussels flash-backs. Oh no.
 – Milan Cathedral –
(No. 2) Sidewalk Dinner and Wine in White Bowls
     After wandering down a couple streets and pausing every now and then to peer at pastries in glass cases and all the flavours of gelato at every gelateria, we stopped for dinner at a place with a red awning and gold lettering. “Could we have a table outside?” we asked the waiter. “Uno momento,” he smiled, holding up a finger. We waited by the table while he whisked paper settings and little white bowls, maroon menus with the yellow lettering, and clear glasses onto the wooden picnic table. “Please,” he motioned to the table, “English menus for you and you.” My friend Raeven was blown away, “So cute.” She leaned in to whisper once our waiter disappeared inside, “And did you see his tattoos? He is fine.” I’ll admit it. He was fine alright. So we ordered wine, and guessed and second-guessed on the menu. “What is Il Vecchio?… Antipasti platter? Is that for one or two or all of us?…Pasta or pizza?” and I’m sure our waiter was annoyed with us, all the questions we asked and all the deliberating we did, but eventually, we decided, and the food was So. Good.
  (No. 3) A Cookie for Me?
   I couldn’t resist the little cookies in all the pastry windows of the cafes that we passed. Delicate heart-shaped cookies with jam, square-checkered cookies just a little bigger than a dollar-size coin, fragile flower cookies laced with chocolate drizzle, half-moons dipped in chocolate. So I went into the café by the Milan Cathedral and got two little checkered cookies. “Just two?” asked the waiter, gingerly placing them with tongs onto a palm-sized white plate, complete with a doily. “Just two. One for me, one for a friend,” I said. And when I brought the cookies to the counter to pay for them, the cashier handed over my change and smiled. “A cookie for me? One for you , and one for me?” he asked.

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