It Ought to Be Breath-Giving: A Post from 3 Weeks Ago

“Forever is composed of nows.” ~ Emily Dickinson
    The sunny Sundays continue, and I don’t ever want them to stop. Today, we went to the Botanical Gardens nearby Nørreport Station, and it was such a beautiful day. My friend Alex and I met at the station, got coffee, and went to the garden to walk around. Inside the greenhouse, the famous princess staircases – spiraling, floral, bright white dreamy staircases that take you up to a ramp that runs the length of the greenhouse. The staircases are really sweet and pretty, and of course, every couple there wanted a picture. And wow, they were so aggressive. This one elderly couple pushed my friend Alex off the staircase, and then proceeded to do a photoshoot for 120980198 hours, holding all the other couples up. For such a peaceful, natural environment, it sure got competitive in that little corner where the staircases were. Stress.
    But the gardens are wonderful, and when the sun is out – well, sun just makes everything better. Afterwards, we had heard of a DIS figure-skating event, and the invite page looked like we would be skating in this beautiful outdoor arena, a la New York Central Park or Chicago Millenial Park style. This was a lie, because when we got to the ice-skating area, we realized that it was this big indoor arena in the middle of nowhere, and it was just packed with people (which actually may have been good seeing as none of us could figure out how to stop in the hockey skates they gave us, and having more people there kept us from going at any speed above 0.00002 mph. I think the last time the blades of the skates were sharpened was…never.)  Still, we had a good time careening and colliding around the ice, and we’ve already planned a reunion at an outdoor ice arena in Copenhagen (we have a feeling that there actually is one by the Royal Ballet Theatre. It’s just under construction currently, because they’re building the metro up.)
 – Kollegium friends! –
    That Sunday also marked the day that I made dinner from whatever was in my fridge. It was the first meal that I had cooked for myself in a really long time (salad and cereal forever), so I was happy when it turned out fairly well. Here’s the recipe:
Bulgur Wheat with Tomato and Arugula
1 Cup Bulgur Wheat (cooked – roughly 1:1 ratio with water. Put the water on to boil, add the Bulgur Wheat, allow to simmer for approximately 10 minutes, stir every 2 minutes or so)
1 Clove of Garlic – minced
1 Small Red Onion – chopped
1 Zucchini – chopped*
1 8-oz Can of Tomatoes
¼ t of Dried or Fresh Basil
Dried or Fresh Thyme, Marjoram, Rosemary to taste
Pepper and Salt to taste
½ Cup Fresh Arugula
*And whatever other veggies in the fridge
   In a medium-size frying pan, heat up the olive oil, and on medium heat, add: Onion, Zucchini, Garlic, and other veggies. Stir-fry until the veggies are about half-way cooked and the garlic is aromatic.
Turn the heat to low, and add the can of tomatoes and all the herbs. Allow to simmer for 4-5 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.
   Spoon the tomato/veggie sauce on cooked Bulgur Wheat, and top with arugula.
*I’m sorry that all of these posts are from so long ago. I had started all of them, and then of course, never got a chance to finish them up because traveling happened and schoolwork, and etc etc etc.

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