Packing my life into a suitcase (& other perplexing problems)

“Go casual, simple, and very light.” ~ Rick Steves, on Tips For Packing

Packing. Departing. I’m pretty sure I’ve left something essential behind. Sometimes, I come across “Great Packing Tips” on Pinterest, and I always think, “Yes. I will do this for my next trip. I’ll be a packing pro in no time.” But usually, I proceed to forget about all of these tips, and simply throw everything into the suitcase and close my eyes and pray that it will close.  Then there are the rare times that I am weirdly efficient with my space. I roll all my clothes into nice neat bundles, and I fit everything in exactly so, and I leave room at the top for a jacket and gifts. Let me tell you, those times do not come often. Like maybe once after Winter Break, and the summer after sophomore year.
   My mom is the pro at packing. She taught me the neat clothes roll trick. And the importance of bringing only the essentials. She once fit all of my and my sisters’ clothes for two weeks into a small carry-on luggage. Granted, we were all under 9 then, but still.
Needless to say, I’m packed and ready to go. Flight leaves in two days- aah!

Other than packing, here are some other perplexing problems that have been on my mind:
– Danish Kroner to US dollar: 1 dkk = $0.16, and 6.31 dkk = $1.00. I’ve been using this very helpful website to figure out how much a pastry is going to cost me (because this is where most of my money went in France and Spain last summer. Well, that and flowers. And also wine. As you can see, I had a very healthy, balanced diet there.)
– All the different vowel sounds in Danish. Plus the added letters in the Danish alphabet. It’s pretty confusing stuff.
– The cell phone situation. One will be for calling home and sending texts back home and potentially also in Europe (for free! Because our plan has awesome free international texting. Yay!), and one will have a Danish number on it and will be used to also send texts? Or maybe call within Denmark? Or maybe outside of Denmark also? Yes, this has been a source of much uncertainty. I’m gonna Whatsapp most of the time, I think. Skype? Yes.
– How to run a blog. I’m going to be straight-up here. I am very technologically challenged. So starting up this blog was a nail-biter. But I’m slowly learning step-by-step how to build and improve a website, and I promise to do my best!
– What on earth I’m going to play for my instructor when I get to Copenhagen. After I finished my recital in November, I started all new rep. But that new rep consists of the Brahms violin concerto. *Gulp*. So I may bring out Ysaye Sonata 3 again, and well, Bach is always wonderful and needed in life. Another perplexing problem? How the heck people get through the entire Brahms violin concerto, much less perform it, without passing out from pure exhaustion. (But then again, it’s Hilary Hahn, and sometimes, I wonder if she is, in fact, human.)
   And other news: I talked with some very best friends from Vanderbilt on the phone the other day, and I received the super exciting news that another friend is ENGAGED. Oh my gosh, I am so excited and happy for her! So this, of course, got me thinking about school a little bit, and of people there, and how much has happened since moving in and the first day of freshman year (which still oddly feels like yesterday). Some beautiful memories – that’s for sure.

Here’s to making more memories – both at Vanderbilt and (so very soon) in Copenhagen and beyond. Cheers! 


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